Urban Spaghetti

an arts journey

No doubt you have come to this web site searching for information about the literary arts journal. As a hard copy journal Urban Spaghetti is no longer being published. The journal was in existence from 1998 through 2006 although Issue 5, the last issue, was published several years after Issue 4. Issue 6 was planned for publication in 2006 and many excellent writers had been chosen for the issue. It never came to be. While living in Asia during 2006-2007 I decided to give up hope of ever seeing Issue 6 in print. I came to realize that some things are just not meant to be. I also came to realize that it is better to let some dreams dissolve so I can allow others to grow.

There are still links here to the old issues and I may post some of the poems from those issues for visitors to read as well as some of the audio files for Issue 4.

It was an incredible adventure to publish Urban Spaghetti. Thanks to all who were a part of those 5 issues in any way.

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